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Institutional Trading Solution

XS is a market leader in institutional multi-asset trading solutions, Fintech, and financial services industry since 2010, providing institutional clients and brokers worldwide with access to deep institutional liquidity and advanced trading technology, combined with an efficient user experience, high-quality relationship management and excellent customer support.


Our advanced trading infrastructure allows us to offer multiple institutional trading solutions to a wide range of institutional clients.

Why Choose XS Institutional Trading Solutions?

Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions: Multiple solutions to address the needs of institutional clients

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing: Benefit from favorable pricing and premium institutional conditions

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting: Our advanced reporting allow you to monitor real-time statistics.

Flexible Execution

Flexible Execution: Our Robust trading infrastructure ensures fast & reliable execution

Risk Management Tools

Risk Management Tools: Advanced risk management tools and real-time control of exposure.

Personalised Experience

Personalised Experience: Our experts provide you with tailored guidance & support.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance: We maintain a transparent and compliant trading environment.

Scalable and Customizable

Scalable and Customizable: Our packages can accommodate growing trading volumes

Multiple Asset Classes

Multiple Asset Classes: Access a wide range of asset classes to diversify their portfolio.

Reputation and Trust

Reputation and Trust: You can rely on our proven track record and industry expertise.

Compliance Support

Compliance Support: Expert guidance for clients to meet their regulatory obligations.


Our team of experts is ready to share with you their knowledge and insights to make sure you meet your objectives and implement your strategies.

If you would like to talk to one of our seasoned experts about your institutional needs and our liquidity solutions, please email us at [email protected].