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Explore the world of online trading with XS, where you can trade the largest global financial markets and access 1000+ trading instruments and multiple asset classes from one single account.
Trade a diverse range of asset classes, including forex, shares, metals, futures, commodities, and indices. Experience tight spreads, competitive pricing, seamless execution, and benefit from high-quality market research provided by our professional team of experts and market analysts.



Why Trade CFDs With XS?

Discover the advantages of trading CFDs with XS. Enjoy an optimised trading experience

Leverage and Flexibility

Maximize your trading potential with XS. Benefit from leverage, allowing you to amplify market exposure with smaller investments. Enjoy increased flexibility in your trading strategies.

Long and Short

Go beyond traditional buying and selling. XS enables you to benefit from both rising and falling markets. Take advantage of bullish trends by going long or capitalise on bearish trends by going short.

Fractional Trading

Diversify your portfolio without limitations. XS offers fractional trading, enabling you to invest in multiple asset classes with smaller budgets. Expand your market participation and enhance portfolio diversification.

Why Do Clients Choose XS?

Trusted Global Broker

Trusted Global Broker: is a trusted global broker with multiple regulations.

 Award-Winning Broker

Award-Winning Broker: Trade with a broker that has been recognized for its services.

Quick & Easy Registration

Quick & Easy Registration: Start your online trading journey with 3 quick & easy steps.

 Multiple Funding Methods

Multiple Funding Methods: Deposit & withdraw with our reliable & fast methods.

 Advanced Trading Platforms

Advanced Trading Platforms: A platform for each taste, A solution for every trader.

Multiple Account Types

Multiple Account Types: Choose the account types that best suit your trading style.

Premium Trading Conditions

Premium Trading Conditions: Unlock your full potential with the best trading experience.

 Fast and Fair Execution

Fast and Fair Execution: Benefit from ultra-fast and fair execution of your trading orders.

Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support: Take advantage of our Customer Support in your language