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Welcome to the world of shares trading with XS. Trade CFDs on international shares with the best CFD broker and seamlessly Buy and Sell the shares of leading companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, Apple, and More. Take advantage of our online trading platforms’ seamless CFD trading capabilities, offering you the opportunity to trade CFDs on thousands of global shares. Benefit from ultra-fast order execution and competitive trading conditions, ensuring that you can seize market opportunities swiftly and efficiently. Trade CFDs on shares of renowned companies in United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Europe (EU), & Hong Kong (HK) including some of the largest and most popular corporations.


XS offers access to a wide range of international shares, including United States Shares (US Shares), European Shares (EU Shares), United Kingdom Shares (UK Shares), & Hong Kong Shares (HK Shares). Plan your trades with confidence and optimize your trading experience by utilizing our detailed contract specifications. Explore our comprehensive contract specifications and gain a deeper understanding of our exceptional trading conditions including contract size, leverage, spreads, commissions, swaps, and more for different account types.


Normal Trading Hours

Normal trading hours refer to the regular trading sessions available for trading. The below shows the normal trading hours for shares available for trading with XS.
Seasonal and market factors may affect the below trading hours, so it is important to follow the latest updates on the Trading Hours page to stay up to date with the latest seasonal changes to trading hours. All timings are in server time (GMT+3).

US Stocks : Monday - Friday: 16:30 - 23:00 EU Stocks : Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:30 HK Stocks : Monday - Friday: 04:30 - 11:00

Dividend Adjustments

Dividends are paid by companies to shareholders as a means to distribute profits. After a share pays dividends, the price typically falls by the same amount. Therefore, when trading Shares CFDs, dividend adjustments are applied to open shares positions when dividends are paid in the underlying market. It is important to follow the latest updates on Trading Notices pages to stay up to date with the upcoming Dividends adjustments.


XS.com offers floating spreads on all shares for all account types. Hence the spreads in the contract specifications table are the average spread based on the previous trading day. For live spreads, please refer to the trading platform. Please note that spreads may widen when the markets experience lower liquidity, including rollover time.

Chart Prices

XS.com offers a variety of trading accounts to suit each trader’s needs and preferences. We offer accounts with raw pricing on which additional commissions are charged. Other account types have no commission but instead have mark-ups incorporated in the prices. By default, the chart in the MetaTrader trading platforms will display the raw pricing, while the market watch will display the pricing of the account type that the client is trading on.

Fixed Leverage

XS.com offers fixed leverage on shares on all account types. In this case, the maximum leverage displayed in the contract specifications table will NOT change based on your net open positions or account type


Shares are a type of security that grants investors partial ownership of a company, along with certain rights and benefits. Here's what you need to know about shares:

Ordinary shares provide owners with voting rights and the opportunity to participate in the distribution of dividends. The general meeting of shareholders, where decisions are made through voting, is the highest governing body of the company. Each share typically carries one vote, meaning that larger shareholders hold more influence over decision-making.

Preferred shares offer advantages in terms of dividend distribution and priority in case of bankruptcy. Preferred shareholders receive dividends before ordinary shareholders and have a higher claim on company assets during liquidation. However, owners of preferred shares generally do not have voting rights at shareholder meetings.

Capital Raising: Companies issue shares as a means to raise capital. The funds generated from the sale of shares can be used to fuel business growth, such as expanding operations, investing in research and development, or bolstering working capital.
Reputation and Image: Issuing shares adds to a company's reputation and enhances its corporate image. It increases the company's visibility, transparency, and attractiveness to potential investors looking to participate in trading activities. To be listed on a stock exchange for shares trading, a company's shares must first undergo the listing process.
Shares play a vital role in the corporate landscape, enabling investors to become partial owners and enjoy benefits based on the company's performance. Whether ordinary or preferred, shares offer opportunities for participation, dividends, and potential capital appreciation. As an investor, understanding the different types of shares and their implications can help inform your investment decisions.

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