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Trade OTC Futures (CFDs on Futures) with the Best Global Multi-Asset Broker.



Welcome to the world of futures trading with XS. Discover the limitless potential of futures trading by trading OTC Futures (CFDs on Futures) with the best CFD broker. Transcend the limitations of traditional futures trading and embrace the unparalleled opportunities offered by XS. Trading OTC Futures (CFDs on Futures) with XS presents numerous advantages. XS grants access to diverse markets, enabling traders to engage in various futures contracts spanning commodities, currencies, indices, and more.

With a comprehensive range of assets available through XS platforms, traders can diversify portfolios, effectively manage risks, and seize multiple market opportunities.


XS offers access to a wide range of OTC Futures (CFDs on Futures), including Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Indices & Gold. Plan your futures trades with confidence and optimize your trading experience by utilizing our detailed contract specifications. Explore our comprehensive contract specifications and gain a deeper understanding of our exceptional trading conditions including contract size, leverage, spreads, commissions, swaps, and more for different account types.


Normal Trading Hours

Normal trading hours refer to the regular trading sessions available for trading. The below shows the normal trading hours for futures available for trading with XS.
Seasonal and market factors may affect the below trading hours, so it is important to follow the latest updates on the Trading Hours page to stay up to date with the latest seasonal changes to trading hours. All timings are in server time (GMT+3).

Brent Oil Futures : Monday 03:00 - Friday 23:59
(Daily Break: 00:00 - 02:59:59)
US Light Sweet Oil Future & Natural Gas Future : Monday 01:00 - Friday 23:59 - Friday 23:55
(Daily Break: 00:00 - 00:59:59)
US Dow Jones 30 Futures Index : Monday - Friday: 01:00 - 23:59:59 US Nasdaq 100 Futures Index : Monday - Friday: 01:00 - 23:59:59 US S&P 500 Futures Index : Monday - Friday: 01:00 - 23:59:59 Germany 40 Futures Index : Monday - Friday: 01:00 - 23:59:59 Gold Futures : Monday 01:00 - Friday 23:59:59
(Daily Break: 00:00 - 00:59:59)


XS.com offers a floating spread on all futures for all account types. Hence the spreads in the contract specifications table are the average spread based on the previous trading day. For live spreads, please refer to the trading platform. Please note that spreads may widen when the markets experience lower liquidity, including rollover time.

Chart Prices

XS.com offers a variety of trading accounts to suit each trader’s needs and preferences. We offer accounts with raw pricing on which additional commissions are charged. Other account types have no commission but instead have mark-ups incorporated in the prices. By default, the chart in the MetaTrader trading platforms will display the raw pricing, while the market watch will display the pricing of the account type that the client is trading on.

Fixed Leverage

XS.com offers fixed leverage on commodities for all account types. In this case, the maximum leverage displayed in the contract specifications table will NOT change based on your net open positions or account types.

Stop Level

Stop level is the minimum distance (difference in pips) between the current market price and the pending order price. The stop level values in the contract specifications table are subject to change and may not be available for traders using certain high-frequency trading strategies or Expert Advisors.


Futures trading involves standardized contracts binding parties to buy or sell assets at set prices on future dates.

The futures products range from commodities like gold or oil to financial instruments like stock indices or currencies. Futures trading is integral to commodity futures, precious metal futures, and other futures markets.

Futures trading is vital to global financial markets, enabling traders to manage risk, speculate on price fluctuations, and discover future asset prices.

Futures contracts serve two primary purposes: speculation and hedging. Speculators use them to predict future asset prices, while hedgers lock in future asset prices, benefiting businesses like farmers selling crops or airlines purchasing fuel.

Trading futures involves managing leverage and margin, enabling control over more significant positions with reduced capital while emphasizing prudent risk management. These markets offer access to global platforms with diverse asset classes, catering to speculators and hedgers. Diving into futures markets demands understanding volatility, liquidity, and the role of risk mitigation strategies. Incorporating futures in investment portfolios can enhance diversification, given their low correlation with traditional assets.

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